Spay and Neutering From Our Local Brunswick Veterinary Clinic

If you’ve heard your share of urgent-sounding public service announcements about spay or neutering, you may be wondering why sterilizing your animal is thought of as such an important task. In addition to lessening the tragedies that can occur due to overpopulation in the animal community, these surgeries also play a key role in preserving your pet’s health, which is why they should be included in every dog and cat’s preventative wellness plan. Here at Our Brunswick Veterinary Clinic, your vet in will be more than happy to discuss spaying or neutering your pet.

Understanding Spay and Neuter Surgery

Sexual sterilization surgery involves removal of the male or female sex organs. In spay surgery or ovariohysterectomy, we make an abdominal incision and remove the uterus and ovaries. In neuter surgery, or castration, we make a small incision in the scrotum and the testes are removed through the incision.

Spay and neuter surgeries are typically performed under general anesthetic. Depending on whether your veterinarian is sterilizing a cat or a dog, and whether the animal is currently in heat, spay surgery may take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes. Neuter surgery is a simpler, shorter procedure that may take only a few minutes to perform. These are outpatient surgeries, so pets can be taken home that day once they awaken from the anesthesia. Your Brunswick veterinarian may prescribe a neck collar to prevent licking or biting of the incision site during recovery while advising you any postoperative care you might need to provide at home.

A Simple Surgery That Conveys Big Benefits

The most obvious benefit of spay and neuter surgery is the prevention of pregnancy. Even if you love puppies and kittens, you may not be able to handle a houseful of animals. Pet owners facing this scenario often have to give their animals up to shelters, which must then destroy many of them due to lack of space and resources. Sterilization is thus a great service to the animal community.

But these surgeries also protect your pet’s health in numerous ways. Spay surgery eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer, while also reducing the risk of breast cancer. Neuter surgery eliminates the risk of testicular cancer, while also reducing the risk of prostate disease and perianal cancer. Removing the source of sex hormones also removes heat-related behavioral problems that can lead to serious injuries, such as roaming and fights.

Schedule Spay or Neuter Surgery with Our Brunswick Veterinarian

If protecting your pet against life-threatening disease and danger is one of your primary goals as a loving pet owner, then make sure you add spay or neuter surgery to your preventative wellness “to-do” list. Contact The Veterinary Clinic at (207) 729-3412 today to schedule either sexual sterilization procedure with your Brunswick veterinarian!