Brunswick, ME

Technician Appointments

Technician appointments may be appropriate for your pet for certain services if they’ve seen the vet within the past year. Read below to learn more!


About Our Veterinary Clinic

Techs can help your pet get up to date on vaccine boosters, provide nail trims, anal gland expressions and more! Please give our office a call to determine if your pet needs to have a visit with a veterinarian or if a tech appointment is all you need.
*Things that can be tech appointments:
For non-client/patients – rabies vaccine ONLY

For current pets who have seen one of our vets within the past year:

  • Vaccines/boosters
  • Nail trims
  • Anal gland expression
  • Trimming a few mats
  • Ear cytology/cleaning – treatment under the directions of a vet
  • Blood draws (4DX, heartworm/tickpanel test, some in house panels, and some send out panels)
  • Suture removal