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Pet Surgery at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick

If you're like most caring pet owners, you take your beloved friend's health seriously and you also regard surgery as an equally serious step. The good news is that you can rest a lot easier when you have the trusted professionals at The Veterinary Clinic working on your pet's behalf. Whichever veterinarian at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick your pet sees, he (and you) can be assured of the finest, most carefully-administered pre-operative, surgical and post-operative care available anywhere.

Dog getting ready for surgery at his Brunswick Veterinarian.

Common Types of Veterinary Surgery

Surgery is a tried-and-true form of veterinary care, not only for alleviating pain or fixing injuries but also for diagnosing and even preventing ailments. Some of the most common types of surgery we perform include:

  • Spay and neuter surgery - spay surgery and neuter surgery are extremely important preventative wellness procedures. In addition to preventing pregnancy, they also safeguard your pet against potentially deadly diseases such as ovarian, testicular and uterine cancer.
  • Wound and laceration care - When your pet has sustained serious damage in a fight or accident, surgical wound and laceration care may be necessary. We can seal off torn blood vessels and close open wounds while also assessing for fractured bones.
  • Oral surgery - Oral surgery could save your pet's life if a routine dental exam reveals the presence of oral cancer that must be removed. We can perform surgery to repair jaw injuries or extract an infected or damaged tooth that is causing pain and promoting infection.
  • Mass and tumor removal - Suspicious lumps or other masses, both on the skin and within the body, may call for surgical removal and biopsy to determine whether cancer is present. In some cases, mass and tumor removal may be followed by more extensive surgery. We can also extract bladder stones, foreign objects and other unwelcome objects.

Pet Surgery can be Concerning

Even if your pet is simply undergoing routine spay and neuter surgery, it's understandable that you might be concerned. Let us show you how helpful and supportive we are through the entire surgery process.

We always take the time to explain the various surgical options and details to you beforehand, advising you on any pre-operative steps you might need to take. We pay the strictest attention to vital signs and anesthesia dosages during your pet's surgery. Following surgery, we will instruct you on how to administer any postoperative medications your pet may need, how to watch the incision site for any unusual signs, and when to bring your pet back to our clinic for any necessary follow-up exams. We're here for you and your pet!

Contact us to Schedule an Appointment at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick Today!

Now that you know your pet is in the best possible hands, don't hold off any longer on any important surgical procedure he may need. Contact The Veterinary Clinic at 207-729-3412 today to schedule surgery with our veterinarian proudly serving the Brunswick area!