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Pet Surgery

Brunswick Veterinary Clinic offers pet surgery services! Read below to learn more.

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Pet Surgery

Animals and pets may require many different kinds of veterinary care and treatment over the course of their lives, including surgery. When you bring your pet or animal to the Brunswick Veterinary Clinic, you can rest easy knowing that they are in the hands of skilled surgeons who provide the highest standard of surgical expertise and compassionate care you can find.

On top of surgeries we recommend like spay and neuter, your pet may also need exploratory surgery at some point. By looking inside your pet’s body (or removing a suspicious lesion for testing), our clinicians can confirm diagnoses that might remain unclear through imaging alone. Dental surgery is another common type of veterinary surgery and can encompass tooth or oral tumor removal or jaw repair due to injury.

Animals who suffer from joint deterioration or damage may need orthopedic surgery, including TPLO or TTA surgery to reconstruct a knee with hip reconstructions or alterations in pets with dysplasia. Emergency surgery, another type of animal surgery, can be invaluable for treating fractures, lacerations, difficult labor, urinary stones, bloat and other crises.

Our veterinary team takes great care with every step of your pet’s surgical journey. We conduct pre-operative exams and counsel you on how to prepare your pet for the procedure. We administer anesthetic with extreme care, customized to suit each individual animal. Our staff provides post-operative medications and instructions for nursing your pet or other animal through its recovery, from activity restrictions to wound dressing changes. Your pet may also receive follow-up evaluations with our care team to confirm that their recovery is on track and without complications. We won’t rest until your pet enjoys the best possible outcome.