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Pet Dental

Brunswick Veterinary Clinic offers pet dental services! Read below to learn more.

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Pet Dental

Many of the basic forms of medical care humans require are also necessary for animals, including dental care. Your pet depends on a healthy mouth for normal chewing, good digestion and a high quality of life. Here at the Brunswick Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians provide this all-important care so that your pet will enjoy many years of healthy teeth and gums.

Animals can develop a variety of dental and oral conditions, especially as they age. For instance, most adult pets will eventually develop some degree of periodontal disease. This condition occurs when bacteria gravitate toward tooth plaque and tartar. This inflames the gums and eventually causes the destruction of gum tissue, causing teeth to loosen and then fall out. Signs of periodontal disease include foul breath, bleeding or inflamed gums, and difficulty eating.

Preventative care is always the first defense against any kind of disease or disorder, so bring your pet to our clinic for regular dental exams and cleanings. Our staff can evaluate your pet’s teeth and gums carefully and may recommend X-rays in order to reveal any problems occurring inside the teeth and jaw. We also examine your pet’s oral cavity to look for oral cancer. If we detect any kind of dental problem, we will recommend and administer treatment (if possible) during the exam. Treatment options include tooth extractions, which are very common when there are diseased teeth involved. All dental procedures are done under full anesthesia with anesthesia monitoring like any other surgery.

Dental cleanings remove tartar both above and below the gum line, giving bacteria nothing to feed on and helping to minimize periodontal disease. We’ll even provide you with easy home dental care practices to help your pet stay healthier from one dental visit to the next.