New Year Resolutions for Pets and Pet Owners

Most people make at least one New Year’s resolution for themselves. You may take it more or less seriously, but you’ve probably thought about something you’ll prioritize for the new year. How about adding some for your pets? New Year resolutions for pets and pet owners can range from practical to petty, but they can sure be fun!

1. Eat Better

You are what you eat, after all, and humans aren’t the only species that likes junk food. Proper nutrition will help keep your pet in tip-top shape during the new year.

2. Enjoy Nature

Being outside is good for people and pets. Did you know that cats can be harness trained? Make a New Year’s resolution to get your dog or cat outside and enjoying nature. Cats may want to stay in the backyard, but most dogs will appreciate a hike!

3. Routine Exams

Regular vet visits catch a lot of problems that owners don’t know about. They also provide a baseline for future visits so that our vet knows what’s normal for your pet. As far as pet resolutions 2018 go, this is an important one.

4. Make Playtime a Priority

Pets love to play, but we humans sometimes view it as a luxury. However, play is good for pets, people, and the human-animal bond. So, plan on making some time to play with Fluffy or Fido this coming year.

5. Visit the Dentist

Dental health can be a real problem for dogs and cats, for a number of reasons. Most pets over the age of three have some degree of dental disease. Our veterinarian can tell you if brushing is appropriate, or maybe a water additive. Dental cleanings are usually required at some point.

6. Time to Scratch and Chew!

Dogs need to chew. It is a biological imperative, but we don’t want them to chew on our couches or shoes. To fill this need, be sure to provide your dog with some safe chews in the coming year. Cats need to scratch, so make sure they have a great scratching post.

7. Brushes and Combs and Clippers, Oh My

Not all pets need a lot of grooming, but they all need some. Brushing away the mats and combing out the snarls are an important task for the owner of a fluffy pet, and all pets need their nails clipped. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, we can trim nails!

8. Petting is Purrfect

Stroking a pet can be good for both the pet and the owner, but sometimes people think they spend too much time at it. As long as you pay attention to when and where your pet likes to be caressed, though, pet away! It will benefit you both.

9. Seek Behavioral Help

Even if your dog or cat has been doing something unwanted for a long time, behavior can change. Our vet would be happy to speak to you about how you might help your dog or cat become a better member of the family. Many, many pets and owners benefit from this kind of assistance.

10. Savor the Good Times

Sometimes, we can have a tendency to take our loved ones for granted, including our pets. However, pets don’t do this. They are always in the moment. So, even if you are busy, try to take the time to savor the moment with your pet, whether it is your dog being silly with the sprinkler, or your cat purring on your lap. It’s truly worth it.

The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, ME, Welcomes New Clients and Pet Resolutions 2018

Here at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, ME, we welcome new clients with all kinds of needs who want help with their pet resolutions 2018. Call us today at 207-729-3412 to make an appointment. New Year resolutions for pets and pet owners are always so unique and interesting—we love to hear what you have come up with!