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Canine Physical Rehabilitation in Brunswick, ME

At The Veterinary Clinic, our team provides your pet with the support and tools he or she needs to feel better and recover from injury or illness. This includes providing canine physical rehabilitation. A variety of research suggests that many of our dogs can benefit from this type of treatment, especially when the most advanced tools are used. We highly recommend bringing your pet in to see our canine rehabilitation facility in Brunswick, ME for an appointment and exam.

Dog walking on a treadmill for Physical Rehabilitation.

When Can Dog Physical Therapy Help?

A variety of conditions may see improvement with the help of dog physical therapy. Each pet's unique needs must be met. When you bring your animal in, we'll provide a thorough exam to determine if physical therapy is beneficial. It is shown to help pets who need help with:

  • Postoperative cranial cruciate ligament rupture surgery, a common orthopedic condition in dogs
  • Postoperative femoral head and neck osteotomy, a surgical treatment for hip conditions
  • Spinal cord diseases of many types especially those related to injury
  • Osteoarthritis, much like the human form that develops in the joints
  • Obesity, a common cause of joint and muscle pain in dogs

Our goal will be to examine, diagnose, and treat the underlying cause of pain before recommending physical therapy.

Types of Treatment Available Through Your Canine Rehabilitation Facility

We offer a wide range of treatment options to meet your dog's needs. This includes the latest advancements. When you bring your pet in to see our canine rehabilitation facility, we'll talk about the specific treatment that may be best for your animal. This may include any of the following:

  • Underwater Treadmill Hydrotherapy - One of the most effective ways to improve the function of joints and encourage weight loss without creating any stress on the bones and ligaments, hydrotherapy like this is often an enjoyable option for dogs.
  • Cavaletti Rails - These are designed to help encourage an animal to pick up his or her legs to walk over a series of poles laid out in a flat ladder formation. This is an excellent solution for improving range of motion.
  • Balance Balls - A fantastic tool to help rebuild muscle and to improve overall conditioning, balance balls for canines are an enjoyable and highly effective core conditioning tool.
  • Companion Laser Therapy - This type of laser therapy works to encourage healing and stimulate blood flow to the impacted area. It reduces inflammation and improves mobility.

Schedule an Exam with Us for Canine Rehabilitation in Brunswick, ME

We're here for you today. Call your veterinarian for an appointment and exam today. You can schedule canine rehabilitation in Brunswick, ME by calling The Veterinary Clinic at 207-729-3412.