Happy Cat Month In September With Our Brunswick, ME Veterinary Team

September is right around the corner, and our vets at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, ME are excited to celebrate Cat Month. Conceived by the CATalyst Council, this event serves to remind all cat lovers that cats should be valued and they have specific needs.

Our Veterinarian Team Celebrates Our Cats

Our veterinarian will tell you that your feline needs lots of mental stimulation with toys that make him think. They also need to have their prey-stalking instinct satisfied, so make sure your cat has toys that teas him and make him chase and pounce. Next, your cat is an obligate carnivore. He needs a meat-based diet for good health.

Make you bring your cat to our Brunswick veterinary clinic for annual checkups, shots and any time he’s sick.

Veterinary Care For Your Cat

Your cat deserves the best of care. At our vet clinic, he’ll get preventative health services and a wellness health check. Our vet will check him from ears to tail, including a teeth check.

If the vet finds any issues during your cat’s exam, they will tell you what’s wrong. They’ll recommend tests and medications, plus follow-up visits. In addition, you don’t want to forget about microchipping your cat. If he gets out and can’t get back home, the microchip tells animal control who he belongs to.

Why Have a Cat Month?

We want to make sure our cats are happy and healthy. This celebration serves to remind everyone that your cats matter to us. When your cat is sick or injured, he’s going to do his best to hide those conditions. That independence protects him—but can also make her sicker. You should give yourself a reminder to keep up with your cat’s well-being.

Contact The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, ME Today

We’re happy to educate you about the health of your cat during Cat Month this September. Give us a call at our clinic at 207-729-3412 to set up an appointment and bring all your questions and concerns with you.