Pet Ultrasound Examination in Brunswick

Veterinary ultrasonography, also known as an ultrasound test for your pet, is a safe, painless examination and advanced imaging technique offered here at The Veterinary Clinic, in Brunswick, Maine. Wondering where to get “cat or dog ultrasound near me?” Look no further; The Veterinary Clinic is the answer.

What is Ultrasound for Pets?

An ultrasound examination is a non-invasive method that our vets may use to view the inside of your pet’s body. It helps your veterinarian see whether internal organs and other structures appear normal and to observe how they function.

Ultrasound does not expose your pet to radiation, as x-rays can. Instead of radiation, ultrasound uses sound waves to create a moving picture of the organ or internal body area. The device records the sound waves as they strike and reflect back from your pets internal organs. Some of the ultrasonic waves penetrate through the organ and others are absorbed safely. The reflections are actually echoes of the sound waves emitted by the ultrasound device. Our vet can view the resulting images of the body structures as two-dimensional moving images on a computer screen

When is Ultrasound Used by Our Vet?

Ultrasound is not ideal for diagnosing every illness or condition because it cannot “see through” air-filled lungs or bones. Pet ultrasound does, however, help veterinarians observe and diagnose:

  • Pregnancy (the stage of pregnancy, health of developing puppies, kittens, etc.)
  • Heart problems (helps evaluate cardiac function)
  • Abdominal organs (changes or abnormality)
  • Tumors and cysts (for instance in the stomach area, intestines, on the ovaries)
  • Eye health
  • Cat ultrasound or dog ultrasound for cancer
  • Cat or dog ultrasound for pregnancy
  • And more

What to Expect during a Pet’s Ultrasound Exam

Your pet usually will not need anesthesia or sedation for the procedure, unless we will be taking a biopsy (sample of a growth) or if your pet is especially anxious. We usually shave the area for the best view. Our vet or technician will use a handheld probe/instrument and may apply a gel to the skin to allow the probe to move smoothly over it. The gel typically feels cool or cold to your pet. After a few minutes of moving the probe over the targeted body area, the test is finished.

Ultrasound Types

  • Brightness mode – B-mode or 2D ultrasound is the most-used form of ultrasound imaging, excellent for viewing the abdomen, uterus, heart (cardiac function), eyes and more.
  • Motion mode – M-mode is a subset of B-mode, which provides an image of the motion of blood through vessels, etc.
  • Combination of M and B – A combination of modes can help examine/evaluate the heart in detail to determine the level of functioning.
  • Cardiac ultrasonography – Specifically examines the heart (also called an echocardiogram).
  • Doppler ultrasound – A type of cardiac or vascular ultrasound where blood flow speed and direction is measured.
  • Color-flow Doppler – Provides an improved view of blood flow through veins and heart.

When Will We Get Ultrasound Results?

Ultrasound is performed and evaluated in real time, so your results will likely be explained and/or shown to you immediately. In certain situations, we may need to send ultrasound images for veterinary radiologist evaluation, which may take a few days.

Get Pet Ultrasound and Advanced Vet Care in the Brunswick, Maine Area

If you’ve been wondering ‘where to get dog ultrasound near me”, or if your pet needs (for instance) cat ultrasound or dog ultrasound for cancer, or cat or dog ultrasound for pregnancy, please visit our vet clinic. We are The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, ME. Contact us at (207) 729-3412 for an appointment or questions about pet ultrasound exams.