Pet X-Rays at The Veterinary Clinic

When your animal companion is ill, the reason for the problem may not be immediately obvious. In some cases, diagnostic tests are required. One of the most useful tests that are available for veterinarians is pet x-rays.

Our facility includes a state-of-the-art pet radiology center, which means that if the vet orders an x-ray for your animal companion, the results will be available much sooner than if we had to send them out to another lab and wait for the results to come back.

Whether you need a dog x-ray or an x-ray for your pet cat, you will be glad to know that we are standing by for all your digital pet radiology needs.

Using X-Rays for Diagnosing Pets

For fast answers to questions about what is happening inside your pet’s body, we turn to x-rays. An x-ray is a safe procedure for animals and we conduct them the same way that you are familiar with if you’ve ever had an x-ray at the emergency room or at your primary care doctor.

We use digital x-rays rather than relying on old-fashioned x-rays that must be developed from film.

A digital x-ray is available immediately since the data is stored in the computer for analysis on a high-resolution display. Superior imaging makes for more accurate and precise diagnosis, which is why we offer this service to all pets in our facility now.

Using digital x-rays means that we no longer need to deal with harsh chemicals (for processing the photographs). We can also send them to another veterinary professional via email

An x-ray can be useful when a veterinarian needs to assess a pet for a possible fracture (such as when a dog has been hit by a car or when two animals get into a fight). Pets that seem to be experiencing joint injuries are also candidates for x-ray imaging. Painful orthopedic conditions that the vet suspects have arisen will be more precisely diagnosed only after the use of x-rays.

Medical Problems Detected Through On-site Radiology

A range of medical problems can quickly be seen once the pet has been imaged with x-rays. Examples include:

  • Heart issues
  • Lung problems
  • Bladder disease, stones
  • Kidney masses, stones, and size
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Abdominal foreign bodies
  • Abdominal masses
  • Orthopedic diseases
  • Cancers

If you suspect that your pet has a medical condition that may require radiology services, please get in touch with our office to determine diagnosis and treatment options when making an appointment for a consultation.

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