The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, ME  Discusses National Immunization Awareness Month

Here at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick, ME  we know that vaccinations and immunization play an important role in long-term health. It prevents the spread of diseases and limits the risks to your pet’s health and your health. In August, it is National Immunization Awareness Month and it may be time to evaluate your pet’s vaccination records.

What is National Immunization Awareness Month?

National Immunization Awareness Month is an observance throughout August that raises awareness of the value of vaccinations in all age groups. The month recognizes the value of vaccinations and the impact of vaccines on medical history.

Who Hosts the Awareness Month?

The observance is hosted by the National Public Health Information Coalition. The Coalition and the Center’s for Disease Control focus on raising awareness of vaccinations and immunizations throughout the month of August. They work in communities around the country and offer online tools to help families determine the value of immunization.

Why is Pet Immunization Important?

Pet immunization is an important part of protecting your pet and your family. Vaccines keep your dog or cat healthy throughout different stages of his or her life. It prevents your pet from contracting certain conditions. It also protects your family from problems that may spread to humans, like rabies or related diseases.

The primary advantage is the impact on your pet’s long-term health. It reduces the risk of your pet developing a disease that you can prevent with a series of shots. It lowers the risk of communicable diseases and stops the spread of certain conditions to your pet.

Working with Our Veterinarian in Brunswick

Our veterinarian in Brunswick offers vaccines to your pet when it fits their schedule. During the month of August, we raise awareness of the risks to your pet when you do not get the vaccinations your pet needs at each stage of his or her life. If you want to check on your pet’s health, then our veterinarian is available to help with your goals.

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