This October, take some time to promote animal wellness and safety with us at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick. Whether you have pets does not matter. You can still celebrate this month by helping the animals in your life.

What is NASPM?

October marks when you should review how well you care for the animals you live and work around. During this month, take some time to assess how well you care for your pets. Do they get regular visits to a veterinarian? Are they up to date on their vaccinations? Caring for your pets supports both the animals and your local area. Taking animals into your home keeps them off the streets, protecting their well-being and that of the community.

While caring for your own pets is important, October also focuses on the safety and wellbeing of all animals. Can you volunteer at a local animal shelter? Do you have the funds to donate to a wildlife support fund or humane society? These are just a few ways you can help local animals if you don’t have pets.

Who Created NASPM?

The PALS group created National Animal Safety and Protection Month (NASPM) during October to foster a love of animals and encourage human and animals to live peacefully together with each other and with the environment. Created in 1980, PALS has advocated for humane behavior for animals. October’s awareness month is just another means the organization has to promote animal welfare.

Why is a Month Dedicated to Animal Safety Important?

Supporting the safety and protection of all animals allows people to live in harmony with the living creatures around them. Encouraging people to focus on animals in October hopefully spurs humane behavior for the rest of the year.

Schedule an Appointment with our Brunswick Veterinarian

If you want to care for your pets for NASPM, bring them in to see our staff at The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick. Your pets’ safety is important all year long. Call us now at  (207) 729-3412 for an appointment.