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Pet Surgery at the Brunswick Veterinary Clinic

Pets may require many different kinds of veterinary care and treatment over the course of their lives — including surgery. Whether your furry friend is going in for a routine procedure or needs extensive emergency surgery, you want to know that he’ll receive the highest standards of surgical expertise and compassionate care you can find. Look no further than The Veterinary Clinic in Brunswick ME. Our veterinary team can help your pet get through an upcoming procedure with flying colors.

Typical Surgical Procedures at Our Animal Hospital

Pet surgery is a broader category than you might realize, covering everything from preventative and diagnostic care to reconstructive or even life-saving procedures. For instance, every pet should have spay or neuter surgery. These sexual sterilization operations remove the frustrations that can lead to dangerous or aggressive misbehavior; they also greatly reduce your pet’s overall disease risk by removing the sites of potential reproductive cancers. Your pet might also need exploratory surgery at some point. By actually looking inside your pet’s body (or removing a suspicious lesion for testing), our animal hospital can confirm diagnoses that might remain unclear through imaging alone. Dental surgery is another common type of veterinary surgery. Your pet might need to have a tooth or oral tumor removed, or receive repairs for a jaw injury.

Pets who suffer from joint deterioration or damage may need orthopedic surgery. Examples in TPLO or TTA surgery to reconstruct a knee with a ruptured ligament, as well as hip reconstructions or alterations in pets with dysplasia. Last but not least, emergency surgery may prove invaluable for treating fractures, lacerations, difficult labor, urinary stones, bloat, and other crises.

From Preparation to Recuperation: What You Can Expect

Our vet team takes great care with every step in your pet’s surgical journey. We conduct pre-operative exams and counsel you on how to prepare your pet for his procedure. We administer anesthetic with extreme care, customized to suit each individual animal. We provide you post-operative medications and instructions for nursing your pet through his recovery, from activity restrictions to wound dressing changes. Your pet may also receive follow-up evaluations to confirm that he is healing on schedule and without complications. We won’t rest until your pet enjoys the best possible outcome.

Make an Appointment with Your Brunswick Veterinarian

Whichever Brunswick veterinarian cares for your pet, you’ll rest assured that he’s in good hands throughout all stages of his surgical experience. Take the first step toward a healthier pet right now — call Brunswick Veterinary Clinic at (207) 729-3412 to schedule a pre-operative consultation!