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Exotic Pet Veterinarian Services at The Brunswick Animal Clinic

Owning an exotic pet can be a wonderful experience; however, exotic pets will most likely require veterinary care at some point in their lives. In order to treat exotic pets and birds, a distinctive set of skills is necessary, a skill set that not every vet possesses. For this reason, finding an experienced and caring exotic animal vet is essential. Dr. Amy Wood, the exotic animal specialist at the clinic, frequently treats pet rodents, birds, ferrets, and lizards (including chameleons). She began treating these amazing animals in 1989 and has the experience and skill set necessary to treat many different types of exotic pets.

Lizard Care

Although lizards may seem intimidating, when it comes to environmental and dietary needs, these animals are actually some of the most fragile creatures in nature. Since lizards are cold-blooded, they require a habitat with specific temperatures and humidity levels, as well as a diet that consists of a variety of healthy foods. Lizard care available at the clinic includes wellness exams, emergency treatment, dietary evaluations and other treatments as needed.

Avian Services 

Just like felines, birds are inclined to mask their pain and hide illness, which is why it’s important for your avian pet to be under the care of a doctor who can recognize the signs and symptoms of an injury or illness. The avian care available at our clinic includes wellness care, emergency treatment, wing clipping, dietary evaluations, dietary advice and beak and foot care.


Rodent Care 

Dr. Wood frequently cares for rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and Guinea pigs. Rodent care
includes dietary evaluations and recommendations, urgent care and wellness exams.

What to Expect During Your Visit 

  • Wellness Exam: Dr. Wood will perform a full physical examination that includes checking your pet’s breathing and heart rate. Laboratory testing also may be ordered. At your pet’s wellness appointment, feel free to ask Dr. Wood questions, as she is always happy to help pet owners learn more about the animals they love.
  • Emergency and Urgent Care: When an emergency arises, fear strikes many pet owners. At the Brunswick Veterinary Clinic, we are familiar with a multitude of the emergencies that arise with an exotic animal. Therefore, once you arrive, we can take over to provide the medications and treatments that will help your pet move towards recovery.

Contact Our Local Brunswick Animal Hospital for More Information

At  Brunswick Veterinary Clinic, we provide comprehensive care for exotic pets and birds. Contact us today to schedule a wellness appointment with Dr. Wood, our exotic animal veterinarian, or if you need emergency services, please call ahead to inform us of your arrival, (207) 729-3412.

If you need emergency services after our clinic closes, please contact one of the emergency clinics listed here